Forum Open

After years of secrecy, Real Life Superheroes.info has open a public forum to gather potential new Real Life Superheroes

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Alias(es): Jack Cero, Jack Z Cero, Zero, Z-1, Des Moreno
Identity: Secret
Alter Ego: N/A
Category: X-Alt
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Status: Activ

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Green Pilgrim

Alias(es) The Emerald Enforcer Identity Secret Alter Ego N/A Category Public Service Location Rochester, MN, USAStatus Active (4/2007)

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Mutinous Angel

Alias(es): N/A Location: San Jose, CA, USA Status: Active

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Master Legend

Alias(es): Steve Vincent Category: Community Service, Crime Fighting, Social Activist Location: Winter Park, FL, USA Status: Active